Undergraduate Advising/Statistics Major

I serve as an undergraduate advisor for statistics. This means I can advise undergraduate students on courses, transfer credit, curriculum, internships/research and minoring or majoring in statistics. Here are some useful links.

  1. At our general undergraduate statistics webpage you can find statistics major requirements and information on transfer credit. Please pay close attention to the guidelines for transfer credit.
  2. Statistics minor.
  3. Financial Computation and Modelling (FCAM) minor. Although I can provide general advice on this degree, you will get the best information and advice from Dr. Kathy Ensor (ensor@rice.edu).
  4. Internship or research opportunities. If you are interested in research with a statistics professor the best thing to do is to approach him or her and discuss your interests. Most statistics faculty will want undergraduate students to have at least STAT 310, 405 and 1-3 more statistics courses.
  5. The statistics department offers a Professional Masters degree and Rice undergraduate students interested in this degree might wish to consider an expedited version of this program, locally known as the 5th Year M.Stat Option for Rice Undergraduates.
  6. If you are a statistics major or minor and you are not receiving regular email (> 1 per week), please contact Margaret Poon (poon@rice.edu) and check with her about being on the undergraduate statistics listserv.
  7. Undergraduate students are no longer required to obtain advisor approval for course registration, but I strongly encourage you to come in and talk about your plans for completing the degree. Many students learn something useful; for example, you may graduate under either your matriculation year or graduation year and your choice will have consequences on major requirements.
  8. As a statistics major you are required to satisfy a “design project.” In the statistics department this is accomplished by taking at least 3 hours of STAT 450, Statistical Design in Practice. Students interested in a year long project should consider taking two semesters of STAT 450.

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